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Parent & Community Partner Involvment

Parent & Community Partner Involvement

YHS & Family Engagement Framework

School Site Principals & Priorities

  1. Building capacity for school staff and parents about their respective roles in the success of their children/students. This includes advancing understanding of school processes, decision making and resources by offering parent trainings, and educating community partners about the school site council and the role it plays in the school.
  2. Leadership - Invite parents to participate in English Language Advisory Committee, District Language Advisory Committee, and School Site Council.
  3. Resources _ We will provide at least 1% of Title 1 funding to support parent involvement activities at YHS. Such activities will include Back to School Night, Requested Parent trainings via surveys. Award night, varies parent meetings required by law.
  4. Monitor of Progress - Annually volunteer parents will be involved in the updating of the Single Plan for Student Achievement via School Site Council and all parents will have the opportunity to provide input via parent survey.
  5.  Access and Equity - School information is regularly sent out to parents in multiple languages via Parent Square and on social media.
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