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Green Technology & Energy Conservation (GTEC)

Green Technology & Energy Conservation (GTEC)

GTEC is an Energy and Power Technology Pathway course that offers students career technical training, and develops an understanding of physics principles through the use of energy, and reinforces these concepts with practical applications using basic high school mathematics. This Energy and Power Technology Pathway course will teach students how to analyze the role that energy plays in our modern world and prepare students with the skills and attitudes needed to navigate careers in the energy and power industries. Based on principles of natural science, students will design, build, test and rebuild alternative energy systems such as: windmills, solar panels, solar cars, solar hot-water systems, and hydro-electric systems. Students will explore the physics of energy and learn to calculate the energy content and the efficiency of a wide variety of structures and systems, such as buildings and alternative energy products. Public-Private partnerships with local water, waste, air quality, energy, utility and environmental agencies will also assist in providing students with job experience and skills applications.



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